Concierge Gift Service

Volume Discounts

Celebrate, connect, and show how much you care with a memorable gift from Mother Myrick's Confectionery!

Whether you are saying "Thank-you" to clients, "Congratulations" to your team, or "Happy Holidays" to those your care about, we understand the importance of the right gift. From our award-winning Buttercrunch and Lemon Lulu cakes to our elegant gift baskets, we have the perfect gift your recipients will love and thank you for.

Let us help you find an elegant way to express your sincerest sentiments.

Our Concierge Gifting Program includes

  • Volume discounts
  • Private, protected gift list management
  • NEW! Advanced Recipient Address Correction
  • Personal gift cards
  • Contract pricing
  • No promotional inserts
  • Timed arrival dates
  • Convenient tracking for every package
  • Mother Myrick's offers the superior personal attention that you can only get from a boutique confectioner who puts you first.

    Click here to download our simple list management template or contact us below.

    Our gift specialist team, are here to make your entire experience extra sweet. Plan ahead, Email us or give us a call at
    802-362-2576 today.

    Ron, Jacki, and everyone at Mother Myrick's Confectionery