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Our Story:

Mother Myrick's Confectionery began in 1977 as a small fudge shop in the beautiful resort town of Manchester Vermont. Ron was the fudge man, learning his craft from George Parendelis, a talented Massachusetts candy maker. During that first year, Ron started making Mother Myrick's now famous buttercrunch toffee and caramels. Jacki, Ron's wife, brought her expertise in food and customer service to the fledgling business. With the popularity of the company's fudge, buttercrunch and caramels Ron continued his confectionery education with an apprenticeship at Boehm's Candies in Issaquah, Washington, and a series of professional courses offered through Retail Confectioners International and the Barry Callebaut Institute. Brittles, marzipan, truffles and other goodies filled the cases in the confectionery.

An Ice Cream Parlor was added on June 29, 1978 on the eve of a very busy Fourth of July Weekend. Residents and visitors to Manchester were greeted by an old fashioned marble topped soda fountain, umbrella shaded tables on a gravel patio, and the shining faces of some of Burr and Burton Academy's best and most popular students working behind the counter. Off to the left was Manchester's bearded fudge man, cooking and stirring a big copper kettle of fudge, offering fresh samples from the paddle and even fresher conversation to all who came to his fudge laden counter.

In 1981, Mother Myrick's began the annual Easter Egg Decorating Contest where entire families would participate in hopes of winning "Annabelle," Mother Myrick's 30 inch tall chocolate bunny. In 1983, an addition was built and was the new home of the chocolate shop. Its beautiful showcases highlighted the changing seasons with wonderful chocolate treats. That same year, the café/bakery was added, featuring European tortes, pastries, cookies, pies, and everybody's favorite, Lemon Lulu. In 1989, Jacki started Mother Myrick's Summer Reading Program for children K-6th grade. This award winning program rewards children for reading and making projects. The program continues today and has become an integral part of summer for many area families.

In 1991, to help key charitable causes such as SADD and The Komen Foundation, Mother Myrick's began its "Decorate a Cake for Mom on Mother's Day." All proceeds go to charity, the kids have a ball, and Mom gets a personally decorated cake. Over the years there have been a lot of fun activities like participating in Loyalty Day Parades, pumpkin carving contests, and Easter bonnet workshops. From the beginning, customers have asked about shipping these wonderful treats to friends all over the country. In 1998, Mother Myrick's added a 5000 square foot production, packaging, and shipping center to serve the thousands of orders that are generated from our catalog and website.

In 2005 Mother Myrick's bid farewell to it's ice cream parlor and café and moved it's baking kitchen to the production and shipping center In order to concentrate on the growing demands of the mail order and retail sales of its chocolates and cakes. We hope you too will join our growing family of Mother Myrick customers and chocolate lovers.

Cakes May 21, 1977: The Fudge shop is born. Manchester visitors and residents start enjoying our homemade fudges and Buttercrunch.
Cookies June 29, 1978: Mother Myrick's Ice Cream Parlor opens on the eve of the July 4th weekend, offering a full menu of soda fountain treats, fudge, buttercrunch, and some hand-dipped chocolates.
Caramels December, 1978: Mother Myrick's installs the area's first cappuccino machine and starts offering baked goods produced by local homemakers.
Lemon LULU Cake November, 1978: A simple mail order brochure is sent to patrons.
Milk Chocolate March, 1979: Mother Myrick's starts making solid chocolate Easter bunnies and baskets for area residents.
Brittles April, 1980: First Easter Egg Hunt.
Easter Chocolate October, 1980: Lemon Lulu debut.
Cakes March, 1981: First Annual Easter Egg Decorating Contest.
Brittles December, 1983: New space is added - the "Confectionery" is born.
Cakes September, 1984: Mother Myrick's wins First Prize in desserts, pastries and the Vermont Culinary Award at the prestigious Taste of Vermont Culinary Competition.
Cookies February, 1986: One of ten companies selected to represent Vermont in a specialty food celebration at Bloomingdale's in New York City.
Caramels July, 1986: Manchester Music Festival Saturday afternoon "Music on the Deck" begins.
Milk Chocolate June, 1989: Annual Summer Reading Program launched for students K-6th grade. (Recognized by Inc. Magazine and First Lady, Barbara Bush.)
Milk Chocolate May, 1991: First Annual "Decorate a Cake for Mom on Mother's Day" to help charitable causes in the area.

We are very proud of all our products and make every effort to use the freshest ingredients possible in small, handmade batches. Our famous Buttercrunch is made with Vermont's own Cabot Creamery butter which is both local and very fresh! Judged "Best in Class" at the World Championship competition in Wisconsin, Cabot's Natural Creamery butter adds just the right touch to our crisp and oh-so-flavorful Buttercrunch.

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