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  • 9 Piece Truffle Assortment AST-9
  • $22.00
  • 16 Piece Truffle Assortment AST-16
  • $35.00
  • 24 Piece Truffle Assortment AST-24
  • $48.00
  • 48 Piece Truffle Assortment AST-48
  • $90.00
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Truffle Assortments

An explosion of flavor in every bite.

Gently bite into one of our velvety, chocolate - coated, fresh cream ganache centers. The explosion of flavor and texture tells you these are very special truffles – meant to be enjoyed slowly, like fine liqueurs. These contemporary bite-sized truffles are made using those time honored methods that have made truffles the world's most sought after Gluten Freeconfection – the most elegant of chocolate gifts.